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Japanese Deer Call


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This is a deer whistle made using the antlers of Ezo deer. Mr. Terui, a craftsman, is handcrafting them all by himself.

Deer Whistle
Deer Whistle
Deer Whistle

【What is a deer whistle?】
This is a whistle that makes a sound similar to the sound of a deer. Just put your mouth on it and blow into it to make the deer sound.

【What is Ezo deer?】
"Ezo" is a word that used to refer to Hokkaido. In other words, it is a deer that lives in Hokkaido, and is the largest species in Japan. Ezo deer, which live in the vast area of Hokkaido, grow to be especially impressive in size and antlers among all Japanese deer. It is said that the reason why their antlers spread out more from side to side than deer from Honshu is because they don't get in the way when they live in spacious forests.

Deer antlers naturally fall off and regrow in early spring every year. Deer whistles are made by processing them.

Size: 60x15mm (whistle part)
Weight: 21g

*Since it is a natural material, there are individual differences.

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