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Charcloth DIY Kit


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A can of raw cloth (canvas) used to make charcloth (cloth charcoal), which is ideal for starting a fire with flint or flint metal. You can make 10 thick pieces of charcloth just by heating the whole can.

【What is Charcloth? 】
Charcoal is a traditional kindling charcoal, and is one of the typical materials used to make kindling from a weak spark such as flint.

When the spark transfers, red heat spreads from that part.

If you wrap a red-hot charcloth in loosened hemp, blow on it, or shake it around to introduce oxygen, the temperature will rise and it will ignite.

【How to make charcloth】
Place the can on the fire. Household gas stoves may sense the temperature and turn off the fire, so we recommend using an outdoor stove or bonfire.

Smoke (combustion gas) will start to come out, but please continue. If there is enough heat, the smoke from the can will ignite. It may appear that the can is on fire, this is normal. The lid may become deformed by the heat and open, but don't panic and use a tree branch etc. to close the lid.

Once the combustion gas has stopped, allow it to cool down sufficiently naturally, and then open the lid. If the cloth turns black, it's done. When using it as a fire starter, we recommend tearing it into small pieces.

*Please be careful not to get burned.
*If you open the lid before it has cooled down sufficiently after removing it from the fire, the charcloth may catch fire (red-hot). Close the lid immediately and extinguish the fire.

・Instruction manual*1
・Bush Craft Inc. sticker*1

【Package specifications】 *Actual measurements
Size (mm): [Can] Width 100, Depth 65, Height 20 [Canvas] Height 70, Width 50
Weight: 60g

*Can design is subject to change.

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