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Lid for CampFire Frying Pan


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This lid is compatible with the BushCraft Inc. brand "Bonfire Frying Pan" series.

Made of 2mm thick aluminum that is sturdy and solid.

It is easier to store by flipping the lid over and stacking it on top of the frying pan.

Designed to not interfere with the base of the frying pan handle.

The knob on the lid can be folded up when not in use, and when in use, it is difficult to fall over by sliding the knob in the upright position and aligning it with the notch.

If you continue to heat the product while cooking, the knobs of this product may become hot. If you make a lid lifter by making a groove (notch) at the end of a tree branch that you picked up locally, you can create a more bushcraft-like experience with this D-ring-shaped knob.

【Spec】 *Actual measurements
Dimensions: diameter 248, height 20, plate thickness 2
Weight: 250g
Material: Aluminum
Suitable for: CampFire Frying Pan / CampFire Deep Frying Pan

*The frying pan is not included.
*Depending on stock status, the product may be delivered in the old packaging.

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