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Ultra Light Tarp for Hammock's


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This is an extremely thin and lightweight tarp that uses 10D Silpoly. It was developed for "Ultra Light Bug Proof Hammock", but it can also be used for regular use.

It was developed with an emphasis on the balance of lightness, price, and hydrolysis resistance for bushcrafters who backpack through mountains and forests and set up camps near streams and mountainsides.

Of course, it is also compact enough to be stored, so it does not take up too much space in your backpack.

By connecting the hammock's bug net suspension to the loop on the back of the tarp, you can comfortably use the bug net in conjunction with a tarp on rainy days.

In order to achieve a balance between lightness, price, and resistance to hydrolysis, the material is common polyester, but we tried to make it as thin as possible by using 10D with ripstop (tear-proof) processing. The silicone coating also has a water pressure resistance of 1,000 mm, which is sufficient for a tarp.

Polyester has a lower elongation rate than nylon when wet. With a thickness of 10D, nylon will stretch more due to the weight of rain and water, and polyester has relatively higher hydrolysis resistance.

This product is a tarp for bushcrafters who use it in forest areas. Please use it in a quiet village or forest, not in an open area such as a ridgeline.

【Spec】 *Actual measurements
Size (mm): [When used] 3100x2220 [When stored] 200x170x70 Weight: Body weight 190g (total weight: 280g)
Water pressure resistance: 1000mm
Main material: 10D ripstop sill polyester
Color: light gray
Accessories: 4 aluminum pegs, 2 ridgelines, 4 adjustable lines

*The color is light gray, but because it is a thin fabric, the color may appear different due to the surrounding environment being transmitted through it.
*Hammock is not included.

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