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Fire Lighting

Ultra Light Firestand 35×44 Ver.1.0


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Ultra Light Fire Stand

Bush Craft Inc. New Concept『UL』 This patented Fire Stand is designed by Mr.Takuya souma of Bush craft company.please notice that producing or selling the similar product(including similar size,height,and shape) without permission will be considered illegal.

As the lightest full-size of Fire stand,The height was reduced to the maximum.fast assembly and disassembly,compact packaging with stuff bag,super loading capacity is the main points.
Titanium materials adopted,using up-to-date technology to deliver traditional Bush craft life.

*Full size: A full size bonfire stand has an effective area of 1,500 square meters or more where firewood can be placed.

*The lightest Frie stand in the world
*Patent applied
*Simple design
*Titanuim adopted

Can be placed on the ground for use

Can dig a hole in the ground,then put it in

Buy two spare leg parts,then assemble them upside down to form a grill

This product can minimaize the damage to the ground, also very easy to use fire blaster.
Can dig a hole in the ground,then put in.
Full size,full flate campfire.Each part is easy to disassemble,the simple design reduce the weight and also minimize the risk of breakage.

*stainless mesh 1pcs
*staple kit 2pcs
*side bar 2pcs
*stuff bag 1pcs

Fire bed:stainless mesh
unfold size:35cm × 44cm × 8cm
folded size:44cm × 7cm × 7cm
Loading capacity:about 15kg

It's very stable with correct assembly, however if the diagonal is pulled too big,there is a risk of fall apart.
please try to assemble in your home before put into use.
Since there is less than 10cm from the fire bed to the ground,it will damage the ground when used on lawns.
Please confirm with the manager in advance before using it in campsite where direct fires are not allowed or firestand is required.

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