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Fire Lighting

Char Rope Holder


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Char rope, which is carbonized cotton rope, is ignited with a flint wheel to create a spark.

It is more resistant to wind than any other lighter and is perfect for lighting tinder for bonfires, cigarettes, etc. The tip gradually carbonizes each time you use it, so you can use it as is until the rope runs out, making it highly portable as a portable tinder.

To extinguish the fire, close the attached ball hook.

【Spec】 *Actual measurements
Size (mm): [Body] Length 70, Width 22, Thickness 10 [Rope] Length 420, Diameter 8
Weight: [Body] 28.5g [Rope] 8g
Material: [Body] Alloy (zinc alloy + copper) [Rope] Cotton

【Set contents】
・Char Rope Holder *1
・Special bag *1
・User's manual*1

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