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Cervus horn Knife large


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Handcrafted knife made of the horn of Cervus hortulorum, (EZO Shika) by craftsman, Mr. Terui by himself in Hokkaido.

Cervus hortulorum craft
This knife is the handcraft item made of one horn from the handle to the blade. It's not the real knife like cutlery.
You can use this knife as a table knife, butter knife or paper knife etc.

You can find his work of art at gift shop in Hokkaido.

Every his work of art attract outdoor lovers attention.

This time, we sell a part of his work of art at our online store.

The knife is made of natural materials so uneven pattern can be different from each items.
Darkish color of the blade is not dirt, but the color of material (core) .

Cervus hortulorum craft
Cervus hortulorum craft
-Question; What's the Cervus hortulorum?
A; Our president (Mr. Soma): The words that “EZO” meant Hokkaido in the old days. In other words, it means the deer living in Hokkaido and the greatest types of deer in Japan.
Cervus hortulorum in Hokkaido grow the horn and body better than the deer in main island of Japan.
A horn greatly shows an expanse in right and left in comparison with a deer of Honshu, because of the extensive forest the horn does not interfere.

-Question; What taste of Cervus hortulorum?
A; Our president (Mr. Soma): Tasty.It is fatter than the one living in main island of Japan and the venison at the back will be marbled meat in fall.
A hunter in Hokkaido gave me the venison of Cervus hortulorum. It was very good.
I like it to sashimi the best, but please cook it if you eat.

-Question; How do you get the horn?
A; Our president (Mr. Soma): The stag sheds his horns in every spring. The horns will be regrown before breading season in fall to battle other stags.
We go horns-hunting to pick up the fallen ones in the forest. For your reference, the stag only have horns.

【Cervus horn Knife Large】
Size:165 x 20mm
Blade length:75mm

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