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Triple Side Box Strop ( Leather Abrasive)


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Newly released in July 2016

What are the conditions required for knife stroppers?
  • The width of the leather is moderately wide,The strides should have enough stroke length..
  • Incase you are sharpening the knife on top of flat surface eg.a table,the hand sharpening the knife should not hit the surface.(In short,sharpening from a reasonable height is necessary)
  • Due to storage problems,solid compounds easily get soiled and dirty.
  • The familiar shape makes it easier to work on.
  • The cheaper the price the better.
  • Three sided strop is better than the older two sided strop version.
This product has no rival because it is a stroke developed with a complete original design.
By making the leather surface triple,clients are happy because they can make use of all the three color compounds.

This three sided leather box strop has surpassed the previous ones by such a huge margin and it is also very effective in stropping a huge knife or an axe.
Its lenghty stroke eases sharpening and it’s simply the world’s best.
In order to maximize the effect of it’s size,we decided to create a storage space inside.
To make the box strop sturdy,we adopted a very thick plate of 10mm.
Inside the box strop,we created enough space where Bark River and Bush Craft Inc.’s compound “3” fits exclusively.
The lid is long and thin and enables one to check and access the contents inside with ease.A shorter or smaller lid will render it difficult to access inside.
The negative aspect of the long lid is “the long lever principle”.If a large load or pressure is applied on the hinge while open,it is likely to cause a breakage.
Regardless of how sturdy it is made,wood has it’s limit too,and if we were to add more work on it,the final cost would be immense. We therefore intentionally settled for a simple design, that is easy to use without so much explanation eg.the fragile part etc.

This design is easy to fix using a screw driver and screws from the local store incase of any breakage.

[Important point]
The box strop has been designed to with a clear cut precision that has a space at the edge such that each surface is independent of the other and do not overlap when stropping.

Leather has been arranged to withstand large knife and axe stropping.
Inside space has been used effectively to maximize storage function.

Leather quality equals Bark River and wood is Pine.Therefore lightweight and sturdy.
We have branded the strop clearly with an original Bush Craft logo to prevent or reduce cases of copies going into circulation.

  • Cow hide leather
  • Outer dimensions: 450x64x62mm.
  • Inside dimension: 432x40x40mm.
  • Leather thickness: 2mm.
  • Weight: 570g.

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