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Knife & Sharpener

Knife Sharpening Compound


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Some of the bottles had damaged during transportation, but no problem in use.

We made a compound with alumina based abrasive for knife sharpening.
You will enjoy these compounds that great result especially when used on one of our strop. You can put three of these compounds and spatula into our box strop.

To help maintain convex shape, we made five different grits. Our line-up is #600 #1,200 #3,000 #6,000 and #12,000.
#12,000 is enough grits to polish your knife to mirror finish.

With the #600, it is possible to modify surface such as chipped edge, secondary bevel and micro bevel. For the customer that are polish an expensive knife, start with #600 is secure from without being able to sharpen it too much.

If you strop your knife it is optimum to have all of our compound.

[Comparison with other products]

~Bar compounds~
It is applied easily, but different hardness by granularity and scum and dirt was drawback.

~Liquid compound~
For fine granularity will be liquid.
It soak into a leather surface immediately and uniform coating is difficult to do.

~Our Pasty compound~
It is easy to thinly uniformly apply, so the knife moves very smoothly over the strop and sharpening evenly.
It is easy to peel when the compound laminated to strop.

It is easy to apply the compound with our spatula.
The knack of sharpening is thinly uniformly apply!

100g of paste per bottle
Bottle size: approx.115 x 32mm

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