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Fire Lighting

Fire Candy 20 capsules


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Survival, Bushcrafting, Camping, BBQ...
Making fire is the basic skill at any outdoor scene.

However,we need to practice making fire,and it takes some time even for a professional.

It sometimes feels cumbersome to make fire from scratch.

・As an emergency kit to make fire for survival
・As a "professional tool" of Bushcrafting.
・As a trendy firelighter at Camping.
・As a must item for outdoor girls.

・Made in Japan.Production in our company
・Burning time:Approx.10 mins
・20 pieces
 ⇒No worry from wick.

・4 kinds of aroma
 ⇒Orange: Citronella smell repelling insects
 ⇒Pink: Peach aroma
 ⇒Yellow: Grapefruit aroma
 ⇒Green: Lime aroma

・You can make a char cloth
・With handy tin case
Pretty Powerful Firelighter!
People who know survival bush craft tactics use fire candy wisely.
This item is among Bush Craft beginners set.

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