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Fire Lighting

Heavyweight Char Cloth


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Char Clothis made from 100% carbonized cotton clothing.It cannot be made just by burning.
In the stone age era when there were no lighters nor match boxes,char-cross was used to make fire.Sparks would be created after striking the stone on which the char-cross was laid and eventually it would result into a red hot kind of fire ball.

Bushcraft Inc.specialises in a new thick canvas fabric exclusively for char-cross.

Firewood is used as fuel and all he processes including packaging are manually manufactured.

The finished heavyweight char-cross is easy to light,and due to it’s thickness,it burns longer and it is easy to cut by hand.

Tinderbox sample:- Fibers of dry fibrious plants eg.dry grass,pampas grass and hemp strings are good for lighting fires.Home kits eg.cotton and some cosmetics are also good for ignition.

Internal capacity:5 sheets
Size:10cm.x 7cm.carbonised cloth.
Carbonized cloth contracts in the process of burning.

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