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TAKIBI Deep Frying Pan


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TAKIBI Deep Frying Pan

This deep frying pan is the second series of TAKIBI Frying Pan designed to expand the range of your recipe.

This frying pan is made from iron and very easy to use.
We made the body thinner than the original and compact,making it easy to carry around.

For the handle you can find right length branch from woodland.
You can use a branch of a desired length to move away from the fire to get safe distance.
Enjoy your time and effort to do it!

TAKIBI Frying Pan
You don’t need season it. You can use it soon as when you purchase.

It comes with eye bolt and linen stuff sack.

Find a suitable branch for a handle and adjust the size with a knife.
TAKIBI Frying Pan

The mounting part shape is tapered,it is easy to adjust with a knife.
TAKIBI Frying Pan

Secure it with the eye bolt.
TAKIBI Frying Pan

You can also use wedge instead of eye bolt.
Make a wedge with twigs.

After adjust a handle, insert crack from the tip.
The wedge will easy to prick handle by scraping the edge of the crack.

Hammer down the wedge. It does not wobble and is sturdy.

・TAKIBI deep frying pan
・linen stuff sack
・two eye bolt

Diameter approx. 240mm
Depth approx. 55mm
Diameter of mount of handle approx. 24mm
Diameter of screw hole approx. 8mm
Weight 610g

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