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Fire Lighting

5in1 Flint Striker


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This Flint Striker made with high carbon steel and it has five functions.
This product is not plated but mirror polished.

【 How to 】

Since it uses the halter snap, it can be removed without removing the chain.

1. Flint Striker
It enables to make fire by generating a spark by use in conjunction with this flint striker and char cloth.

2. Metal Match Striker
The shape of the bottom of striker is the perfect shape to use metal match.
It has been designed to fit any kind of metal match.
5 in 1 Flint Striker

3. Bow Drill Socket Handle Piece.
There is a dent in the center of striker, it can be use holding bow drill spindle.
Using this striker can reduce frictional resistance, so will be easier to make fire.
5 in 1 Flint Striker

4. Signal Mirror
The Signal Mirror is one of the best daytime emergency signaling devices.

How to use
Hold the striker edges so as not to block surface.
Hold the striker at your eye and look through the aimer,
outstretch your other arm and form a V with two fingers.
Sight through the aiming hole with the reflection visible on the V.
Carefully turn and title the striker to move the V and the reflection to the target.
Lower the V so that the reflection touches only the tip of the fingers for maximum signaling performance.

When a striker gets rusty, an effect is reduced to half.
5 in 1 Flint Striker

5. Gut Hook
With this tool, you can open the belly of prey like a zipper.
In addition, you can use it to cut the string.
5 in 1 Flint Striker

*Please Note Since it has made of high carbon steel, it is easy to rust.
In order to maintain the shine, be sure to clean up in such a dry cloth after use.
It is recommended that apply thin coat of machine oil.
When you wear as a pendant, wear it outside of your clothes to not touch the skin (sweat) as much as possible.

Dimension 70 x 30 x 3.5 mm
The length of the chain Approx. 55cm

High-carbon steel
chain Surgical Steel

Approx. 47g

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