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Bush Canteen Bottle


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Bush Canteen Bottle

This is not made by Nalgene,it’s our original canteen bottle.
You can use as a hot water bottle when you camp out in cold weather.
We only made colorless bottle, so you can easily know what is inside the bottle.

Volume: approx. 1L (34oz)
BPA Free.
Made from Tritan.

・Guaranteed Leak proof.
  Increased adhesion between the bottle and cap.It does not leak even without a rubber seal.
・Better durability compared to allied goods.
  Increased Tritan by15% or more to improve durability.
・By cutting the lower side of the screw thread of the cap horizontally, it does not turn loose even if it is over tightened.
・The opening and closing of the cap can be turned as few as one and a half.
・Used Tritan which has no plastic smell.

Weight: approx.154g
Raw material resin: Tritan Cap: Polypropylene
Heat resistant temperature: 100℃ Cap: 120℃
Cold resistant temperature: -20℃ Cap: 0℃

・It cannot be used in a microwave.
・Please note that excessive heat will be transmitted depends on performance and where you place it when using dishwasher.
・Please remove the cap when you store in the refrigerator.
・Please do not put by the fire.
・The cold resistant temperature of polypropylene is 0℃, the temperature that breaks or cracks when it is dropped.You can use it if you handle it properly.

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