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Pikalyn -No need detergent Cloth Scrubbing Brush-
  • It cleans off the burnt for Dutch oven, Iron plate, Gridiron etc.
  • For peel the skin off from vegetable such as a potato etc.
  • For cleans off rust of metal, peel off paint, finish of the woodwork etc.

Classify three particle size by color
Blue: 220 Grit
Red: 320 Grit
Green: 400 Grit

  • Only rub without a detergent, it makes shine!
    *if an oil spot is bad, recommend the combination of the detergent.
  • Because it is a cloth scrubbing brush, you do not have to worry to stick in your hand, rust which is common among metal scrubbing brush.
  • Because a shape is changed freely, you can wash neatly to the every corner.
  • Not only use for outdoor activity but use cleaning your house.
How to use
Dimension: 100mm x 900mm
Material: Cotton cloth, Artificially abrasive

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