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Fire Lighting

Solar Fire Starter Kit


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Kit for kids to practice making a fire.
Good kit for an educational material

Also great survival kit for adult.

"Heavy weight char cloth" with waterproof pouch, lens and hemp string
Super compact kit making a fire, only need sunlight by using this kit to catch a fire.

Compact kit with hemp pouch
You can put your own fire starter item in hemp pouch.

Heavy weight char cloth Material: New special thick canvas (100% cotton)
Easy to cut, catch fire, burn with intense heat slowly

It can be used 8 times per cloth.


・1 × Hemp pouch small
・1 × Lens
・2 × Heavy weight char cloth(approx. 16 times)
・3M × hemp string

<Package size>
approx. 230 x 125 x 20mm

approx. 35g

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