Bushcraft is an outdoor style that unites us more with nature.
Bushcraft Inc. specializes in manufacture,and is the first and only import agent of bushcraft equipment in Japan.

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Bushcraft Inc. Log-Carry A-Chair.


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Bushcraft Log-Carry A-Chair is part and parcel of bushcraft camping.

Bushcraft Log-Carry A-Chair is multi purpose and can be converted to be used in many ways eg.As a seat,Log carrying bag,luggage carrier etc.,

Bushcraft Log-Carry A-Chair is basically made of cloth material,and to convert it to a bush-crafter’s chair,one only needs to use and assemble locally procured branches picked on the ground.

Everyone has a different taste and style and can set up the A-Chair according to one’s taste,though at our company,we normally pay attention to the simplest form,known as, pear-string style.

We also did some work on it for easy conversion into a log carrier and storage bag.The greatest experience though would be to relax on the chair during bush camp.


Dimension when used:56x86cm.
Box size:30x22x7.5cm.
Material:100% cotton.

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