Bushcraft is an outdoor style that unites us more with nature.
Bushcraft Inc. specializes in manufacture,and is the first and only import agent of bushcraft equipment in Japan.

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BushCraft Nyumon


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Recent years, more and more people have heard about Bushcraft.
Then what exactly is Bushcraft? From the original Bush Craft to today's Bushcraft,
It contains lots of things!

Generally, campers often reinforce these skills from their ordinary camping life. Compared with books related to hunting and survival in the wild, campers pay more attention to practicality, which is a very useful book for those who like camping.

Learn the essence of wild jungle life in a family or alone camping trip.

Making a fire without a lighter, a Sky screen without tent poles, practical rope usage, wood craftsmanship, etc, once you read this book, you will surely have a deep understanding of what jungle craftsmanship is.

With the knowledge of jungle craftsmanship, outdoor camping adventures can be launched at any time.

・What is Bushcraft?
・Knifes and Knifes’ Maintenance
・Axe Saw Multifunctional Tool
・The Practicality of Camping Skills in Camping
・Water Assurance and Transportation Skills
・Smoking without Applicable Equipment

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