Bushcraft is an outdoor style that unites us more with nature.
Bushcraft Inc. specializes in manufacture,and is the first and only import agent of bushcraft equipment in Japan.

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Bush Drill


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A hand tool that can make a hole quickly when making something using a tree in a bush craft scene.
Pass the wood branch procured locally through a pipe into a handle, turn it like a corkscrew and use it.

It has very accurate Japanese drill blades.
You can use it regardless of living tree and dry wood.

It is also possible to make a stop hole digging part way through as well as through hole.

Outer dimensions: 225x40x27mm.
Handle hole diameter:Φ21mm
Drill diameter:Φ21mm
Weight: 270g.

* Handle is not included because it is based on local procurement.
Please prepare a hardwood round bar of Φ 20 mm with moderate wood or home center etc in the open air.
* At the time of brand new, the surface stickiness is due to rust inhibitor. Please use it after wiping.
* Please avoid places subject to high temperature and high humidity and direct sunlight for storage.
Anti-rust paint is applied to the whole, but depending on storage conditions it may rust.
* This drill is for woodworking. Please do not use for objects other than trees.

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